Opportunities for Scottish Farmed Shellfish

Blue Economy Opportunities for Scottish Farmed Shellfish

The Crown Estate Scotland has recently released the findings from a consultancy report looking at the opportunities for development of alternative markets, locations and scales of production for farmed shellfish.

The primary focus has been on the upscaling of blue mussel production but the consultants note that key recommendations could also apply to the oyster industry.

It is considered that “The shellfish sector needs to capitalise on its blue credentials to align the potential for Scottish Government investment with the critical and strategic areas the industry wishes to take forward – realising its development ambitions and supporting the continued growth of Scotland’s reputation as a leader in sustainable production and climate change mitigation.”

The team led by SAOS Ltd. noted that “Shellfish farming is Scotland’s most sustainable blue food sector producing high quality protein with a low environmental footprint.” However, there continues to be a need to increase outputs and scale of individual operations in order to increase the overall profitability of activities.

It is suggested that with targeted public and private investment the sector has great potential to meet existing identified strategic output goals. In addition, the possibility of attracting payments for ecosystem services arising from the cultivation of shellfish is discussed in relation to future climate change and environmental challenges.

The full report can be access at:  



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