The Association of Scottish Shellfish Growers Ltd (ASSG) is the trade association representing the interests of the Scottish shellfish cultivation industry. Established in 1986, it is funded by its members: shellfish cultivation businesses and supporters. In excess of 85% of the total annual Scottish output of cultivated shellfish is produced by members of the ASSG.

Scottish shellfish growers primarily focus on producing high quality rope grown mussels offshore and oysters on trestles on the foreshore. Such cultivation is highly sustainable and based on natural production cycles without any feed or chemical input. The final product has the lowest carbon footprint of any seafood, and cultivation sites enhance natural marine productivity and biodiversity.

The Association serves to encourage and support the development of the Scottish shellfish cultivation industry through liaison with its members and represent business needs at regional and national level. Key areas of activity include providing guidance on the legislative framework within which businesses operate, promoting shellfish quality and production standards, keeping a watching brief on the health of the coastal environment, and ensuring the sector's importance within the rural economy is recognised.

Working with both government and its agencies along with research and development organisations, the Association’s aim is to identify and enhance Scottish shellfish production opportunities, build a more resilient industry, and ensure the views of shellfish cultivation businesses and associated supply chain partners are positively represented.

For those with an interest in this most sustainable form of high-quality seafood production, membership of the ASSG ensures that you are kept informed of key issues, have access to advice and information, and are part of the drive to deliver wider environmental benefits. Businesses in this sector operate from the Solway to the Shetland Isles and a national perspective of current issues of importance is assured.


Membership of the ASSG offers numerous benefits to shellfish growers and those in allied sectors. Join now and support the industry.


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